Kyle's Experience

Kyle Student at Hinton Pulp

This past work-term has been the first time that I have been able to apply the concepts that I have been learning in school to real world problems and to really feel like I am making a difference.

It was crazy to go from knowing just about nothing about the pulp process and about project management to playing an important role in a safety project.  The best part was probably getting to act as project manager alongside a professional electrical engineer and to be relied on for many of the key aspects of the project.  Not only did I learn lots from seeing other engineers do their work but I was also encouraged to work on my own and to figure things out myself.  The level of trust and respect I was able to earn bolstered my self-confidence and allowed me to excel.  Even when I wasn’t excelling it was easy to ask for help.  I could knock on any door, and if I did not get the answer I was looking then I would get advice on how to obtain it.  Overall, the experience was very rewarding and I would recommend it to any electrical or mechanical student looking for a place to work and learn.

- Kyle Engineering summer student at Hinton Pulp

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