Jennifer's Experience

Working as technical summer student at Slave Lake Pulp was an extremely valuable experience. I’ve lived in Slave Lake since Grade 7. I had heard of the pulp mill but never really understood what it encompassed.

When I started, I quickly realized everyone here contributes hard work and their spirit to the environment at the mill. They immediately made me feel welcome and provided me with so many great opportunities. Going into second year engineering, I feel that this summer job helped me to learn important skills including safety when working in an industrial environment and time management, which I will take with me through my future jobs. A dynamic and constantly changing work environment made Slave Lake Pulp an exciting and challenging place to work, giving me a comfortable level of responsibility while ensuring I had all the support and guidance I needed. To anyone who is looking for great summer experience, I would highly recommend Slave Lake Pulp.

- Jennifer Technical summer student

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