Jasper's Experience

My first co-op work term at Slave Lake Pulp was truly a great learning experience. The mill strongly emphasizes the importance of safety, which demonstrates the amount of care Slave Lake Pulp shows towards its employees.

New technologies are always being explored, which allows co-op students (like me) to be included in various projects.  There is the opportunity to work both inside an industrial environment as well as an office environment, for multiple departments such as Technical, Operations, and Engineering.  However, the most enjoyable aspect of my work term were the co-workers I spent four months with.  They fostered a caring environment where my questions were encouraged, and each of them offered any help I needed regardless of how busy they were.  The Town of Slave Lake itself is a closely-knit community, with numerous recreation centres and outdoor activities to unwind after a long day. I believe Slave Lake Pulp offered an opportunity for me that I would not have been able to receive anywhere else.

- Jasper Engineering Co-Op Student

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