I began working for West Fraser during my University of British Columbia (UBC) co-operative education term in 2011. Following graduation from UBC with a Bachelor of Science (specializing in wood products processing) and a minor in Commerce, I was hired by West Fraser in recognition for my hard work and fairness. I am thankful for that.

My first full-time job at West Fraser was as Quality Control Supervisor. Subsequently, I advanced to Maintenance Planner and onto Sawmill Superintendent. My current job as Sawmill Superintendent at West Fraser's Chetwynd, BC division is challenging and rewarding.  It gives me the opportunity to interact with great people and work with diverse industrial equipment, to ensure the day-to-day operations of the sawmill are running smoothly.  In this job, I set goals and work to make sure these goals are exceeded to advance the business into new frontiers.

For the five years I have been with West Fraser, all the jobs I have worked on have been exciting and memorable. I can understand why West Fraser is listed as one of Canada's top employers. I commend West Fraser’s work environment, health and family benefits, social commitment, and the many opportunities for training and development.

I look forward to continuing my career with West Fraser and I plan to work towards the future success of the company.

- Houston Sawmill Superintendent

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