Chris' Experience

My first 8-month co-op work term at Slave Lake Pulp. At first, I was nervous about what to expect as well as the idea of relocating to a small town. I was able to get accustomed to the workplace in no time, thanks to the help I have received from the other co-workers who were very friendly and willing to help.

I was very satisfied with my work experience at Slave Lake Pulp and in my opinion it is filled with very good learning opportunities all around. Now in my fourth year of chemical engineering and looking back at my time in Slave Lake, I realized I lacked a little on the initiative and missed out a bit on the technical learning opportunities available. However, with a little initiative and motivation, a work term at Slave Lake Pulp can become a great learning experience. I encourage any students in the Co-op program who are looking for a good experience in the manufacturing industry to try a work term or two at Slave Lake Pulp.

- Chris Co-Op Student

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