Forestry as a Career

Two forestry workers stand by their truck and consult a document.Sustainable and responsible stewardship of the forest is at the core of our business. We are managing the forest of today for tomorrow, and finding a balance where all forest values can be accommodated.

If you like the "great outdoors" and participating in sustainable forest management - forestry is the career for you. Embarking on a career in forestry generally follows two primary routes as a forester and three different areas of expertise. 

Completing a technologist program will lead you on the path to become a Registered Forest Technologist. Completing a degree in Forestry (Environmental Studies, Forestry Management, etc.) will lead you on the path to become a Registered Professional Forester. The three main areas of expertise in forestry are: 

Forestry Planning gives students the opportunity to implement operational planning of harvesting and road construction programs related to various forest tenures as well as other related planning duties. 

In Forestry Operations students get exposed to organizing and assisting with harvesting and road construction programs and inspections. 

Silviculture students will be involved in supervising planting, regeneration/free growing surveys, insect probes, stand tending assessments and other silviculture activities

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